Items You Should Purge From Your Kitchen Right Now

Cooking is one of life’s simplest joys. Yet, if your kitchen is filled to the brim with unused tools, appliances, and other products, you might find it more than a little difficult to enjoy cooking at home. As an apartment dweller, you know how important it is to make the most of your space. So, do just that when you purge these unneeded items from your kitchen.

Cheap, ineffective food containers.

Food storage containers are essential in any kitchen. These products keep leftovers and prepped food fresh until consumption. However, if you often find yourself chasing down container lids that never seem to match or scrubbing food stains from the same three pieces of Tupperware, it’s time that you toss these ineffective containers and spring for something better. Simplify your life by investing in glass or high-quality plastic food storage containers that come in one size.

Nifty cooking tools you never use.

Got a lot of cool cooking tools? Do yourself a favor and ask yourself how often you use them. Odds are, the answer will be, “not nearly enough.” It’s easy to amass a small collection of nifty slicers, can openers, and the like over the years. But, many times, we turn to an all-purpose knife or other tools instead of reaching for that avocado slicer. Clear out space for better, more useful tools by donating or throwing out old, unused, and/or rusty gadgets.

Kitchen gadgets that do the same thing.

Have you recently purchased an Instant Pot? If so, it’s high time that you donate your old slow cooker, rice cooker, and/or food steamer. Many of us possess tools that essentially do the same thing as other tools. Look through your kitchen cabinets and evaluate which tools you really use, and which capabilities you need on a daily or weekly basis. For example, you might elect to keep your food processor and donate your coffee grinder - which the former can certainly stand-in for.

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